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How To Register.....

All competitor registrations from 2020 have been carried forward to 2022, however spaces may open up so please email us and ask to be put on the wait list!
To Compete


We welcome entrants who have some experience with grooming rescue or nervous dogs.

Entrance Fee:     £35 to groom 1 dog
                              £55 to groom 2 dogs
Closed - list full!
For a Stand


We have 3 different options for stand space, depending on what you will bring:

Up to 2 metres:      £70


Up to 4 metres:     £130

Up to 6 metres:     £170

To bring a dog or dogs

You are welcome to bring as many dogs as you wish. Please choose those dogs who will most benefit from being spoilt with lovingkindness and a wonderful grooming experience.

No fees are charged to enter the dogs but please register so we know you'll be coming.

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