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Rescue Organisations 

April 24th 2022

The rescue organisations that will benefit from Style To Rescue 2022 include:

Many Tears Animal Rescue

Wheels to Paws UK

Hessa's Homeless Hounds 


Petwelfare Stafford

Poodles from Portugal

Scottish Terrier Emergency Rescue (STECs) 

Doodle Aid

The intention of this competition is to recognise the groomer’s ability to take whatever grooming job comes their way and create a clean, well-groomed dog using rescue dogs from shelters. The groomer will use his or her grooming expertise while handling these dogs with compassion. 

It is our hope that the rescue dogs will benefit in every way from the grooming experience, to the point of ultimately being chosen for adoption by their new forever family. 

Our priority throughout the day is the health and well-being of the rescue dogs. 

We have a strict list of criteria to which the groomers must adhere in order to remain in the competition. Stewards and the judges will ensure that these are met. These include creating, as much as possible, a stress-free environment for the dog being groomed and always grooming to suit the dog's coat condition and conformation. Each groomer will have time with their allocated dog, preparing it for the grooming, during which time they can get to know their dogs better. There will be a maximum of 25 entrants per session. Bathing times are staggered reducing the number of dogs on the tables at any point in a session. 

In addition, we have a number of 100% natural products that can be used with the animal to help relax and comfort them in their new surroundings. 

It is also our desire that every rescue organisation benefits from this event financially (prizes and raffle) and through increased publicity. Style to Rescue is run on a not for profit basis by volunteers.

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